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Promise House stands on the forefront of combating youth homelessness. We offer unique programs that cater to the specific audience of homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth; however, we impact a larger community through our continuum of services that address the vital needs essential to a promising future. All of our programs are free of charge to clients. At Promise House, we provide youth and their family members an opportunity for a brighter future filled with hope and promise.

Girl with BackpackEmergency Youth Shelter Program

The Emergency Youth Shelter Program provides a temporary sanctuary for homeless, runaway and abandoned youth.

Transitional Living Program

The Transitional Living Program equips homeless teens and young adults with the skills and education to become independent, productive members of society.

Wesley Inn Program

The Wesley Inn Program guides homeless pregnant and parenting teen mothers to become healthy, independent and nurturing parents.


Street Outreach Program

The Street Outreach Program connects with teens living on the streets and assists them to find safe living arrangements.

white male sadCommunity Counseling Program

The Community Counseling Program aims to prevent youth homelessness by providing free counseling, case-management and referral assistance to children, youth and families faced with the threat of homelessness.