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Success Stories

hispanic femaleMaria

““Everyone at Promise House has big hearts. They encourage me, they make me laugh when I’m upset. They’re like my second family.”


I didn’t know that this place called Promise House would actually keep its promise, but I’m glad it did and now I look forward to my promising future.


“The staff was nice, but stuck firmly to the rules. It was different than what I was used to. It was hard at first, but ended up being for the better in the long run.”


Dante became homeless at 10 years old. The cost of his parents’ drug addiction made it impossible for them to afford housing. For two years, they roamed the country as part of a traveling carnival.

mixed female young teenDestiny

“When I think of Promise House, I think of a better way of life. I was afraid of what people would think, embarrassed to ask for help. But if it weren’t for Promise House, I am 100 percent sure I wouldn’t be in college— I might not be living at all today. It is one of the best things that could ever have happened for me.”

hispanic female red hairErica

Erica knew that her mother had been addicted to drugs for years,but lately, things had been getting much worse. Her mother was spending more and more money on drugs, and often, there wasn’t enough left over even to buy groceries.


“People look down at teen moms and judge us. I just want them to know that we are not who they think we are. But it does make us stronger because we have children.”


“If I didn’t have Promise House in my life, I would probably still be on the streets. I am sure that I would be drinking and doing drugs like so many others I know. But I grew up with a conscience. And Promise House has helped me to stay true to my conscience.”

black male curly hairShawn

“Coming to Promise House has been an adventure. I have learned how to be more reliant on myself and be more of an adult.”


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