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Young african student posing isolated over a white background

Dante* became homeless at 10 years old. The cost of his parents’ drug addiction made it impossible for them to afford housing. For two years, they roamed the country as part of a traveling carnival. Late one evening, Dante was picked up by police at a park where his parents had arranged a drug deal. He was placed in the custody of Child Protective Services and lived in multiple foster homes before arriving at Promise House.

At 17 years old, he was about to age out of the foster care system and face homelessness yet again, so he stayed in the Emergency Youth Shelter Program for a short time before transferring into our Transitional Living Program. Dante thrived as a client in both programs—completing his high school education, learning independent living skills, and receiving the mental health care he needed to overcome the events of his past.

With the assistance of his case manager, Dante recently joined the U.S. Navy. One of his goals in life is to be able to help others the way that Promise House helped him. To this end, he hopes to utilize his service in the military to go to college and pursue a career in either psychology or psychiatry. “I’m so thankful for the opportunities that Promise House made possible for me.”

*Name and picture changed to protect client privacy.