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mixed female young teen

Destiny* moved through the foster care system in Alabama before being placed with a relative in Dallas. When Destiny turned 18, her caregiver no longer received money from the foster care system, and they decided to no longer care for Destiny.

Destiny started staying with friends and having problems in school. “I just needed someone to be checking on me to see if I was OK, like a parent would,” she said. “I didn’t have anyone like that.” After her high school basketball coach found her sleeping and living in the school gymnasium, Destiny was referred to Promise House and she entered the Transitional Living Program.

“When I first started the Transitional Living Program I thought it would be hard. But then I realized that all of the rules are things that a responsible person would do in everyday life,” she said. Destiny began the program in a group home, then moved to her own apartment in the next phase of the program.

While in the program, Destiny had the privilege of meeting Oprah Winfrey, who honored Promise House with an Angel Network award in conjunction with the “Live Your Best Life” tour. This inspirational experience, along with a more secure home environment and the support of caring staff members, gave Destiny a “normal” life and helped her to focus on school. Destiny graduated high school in the top 20 percent of her class and was captain of the basketball team. “I didn’t have a parent’s support, but if I messed up in TLP, Promise House was there to help me like a parent would,” she affirms. “There wasn’t too much pressure on me all at once to be on my own. I knew I had to clean up, take care of myself, get to class on my own. It helped instill self-control and responsibility in my life.”

Destiny’s case workers at Promise House introduced her to the idea of college. “I didn’t think it was for people like me,” she admits. Destiny is now in her third year of college, studying to be a nurse. As a recipient of the Blake Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund of Promise House, this bright, young woman has been able to flourish in college.

“When I think of Promise House, I think of a better way of life. I was afraid of what people would think, embarrassed to ask for help. But if it weren’t for Promise House, I am 100 percent sure I wouldn’t be in college— I might not be living at all today. It is one of the best things that could ever have happened for me.”

*Name and picture changed to protect client privacy.