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Girl with Short Red Hair


Rejected from her family after coming out as transgender, 15-year-old Janet* found herself searching for shelter anywhere she could find it; sleeping on the streets, or motel rooms. She had no personal belongings, no form of identification and hadn’t seen a doctor in years. Without a way to get medical care, she started getting hormone therapy illegally from a friend. With no support, Janet couldn’t hold a job and dropped out of high school in the 9th grade.

A Promise House Street Outreach case worker found her walking the streets and encouraged her to enroll in our Transitional Living Program. Janet worked with her case manager to create a success plan. She quickly got her state ID card, which allowed her to secure her first job working at a local animal-care center. With renewed confidence, she took the next step in getting the medical care she needed through the Parkland Homes clinic. For the first time, she spoke to a doctor about her hormone therapy. During this time, her case manager helped Janet connect with a lawyer to assist her in legally changing her name.

Janet has since bought her first car and is now living independently.

With your generous support, we can help more youth like Janet grow into healthy adults and leave a positive impact on our community.

*Name and picture changed to protect client privacy.