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black mom with baby

At age 13, Sara’s* mother passed away and her dad began heavily drinking to cope with his grief. He was unable to properly care for her, and when Child Protective Services showed up, Sara ran away. She stayed with friends and her boyfriend’s family. Her boyfriend gave her the first semblance of stability and appreciation she had felt in some time, but eventually the relationship led to a pregnancy.

Over the next few years, she managed to stay in school while sofa surfing from friends’ and relatives’ homes to get her and her baby’s needs met. During these uncertain two years, she continued to date her boyfriend, who was the biggest source of stability in her life, and their relationship led to a second pregnancy.

With a two year old and a newborn baby to support, she realized she needed more help and sought assistance from the Wesley Inn Program of Promise House. While at Wesley Inn, Sara attended parenting and financial responsibility classes, received complete physical and mental healthcare, and worked closely with a case manager to develop a plan for her future.

She received the encouragement she needed to continue her education. Sara finished basic coursework at a local community college and now attends a four year university.  She dreams of one day starting her own company. “I didn’t know that this place called Promise house would actually keep its promise, but I’m glad it did and now I look forward to my promising future.”

Sara is extremely grateful for the support she received from Promise House.  Although she still has a long road ahead, she offers these words of encouragement to others experiencing adversity like her own: “When you go through things, don’t give up but look for the things that God has given you. Promise House is a multifaceted organization that will help you. The Wesley Inn Program gave me more parenting skills. They helped me finish high school and go to college. Without daycare and the help of Promise House, it wouldn’t be possible.”

A Place To Call Home: Promise House

A Poem by Sara*

Over the years I have had one desire that is very strong

To have a place to raise my kids, lay my head and shelter me from the storms

My biggest dream is to have a place to call home.

I have slept in places like on other people’s floors, couches, in my car, in cots in the shelter even in the school dorms.

But my cries have fallen on deaf ears no one hears my desperate tone

Because all I really need is a place to call home.

Searching for a space to put my heart into because I was told home is where the heart is.

I don’t care it is wood, brick or stone.

I just want somewhere my heart belongs.

A place to call home.

I aspire to be someone who changes the world

And to leave a legacy long after I am dead and gone

But the missing element to me starting this journey

Is a place to call home

Like the birds that flies the skies but returns to the nest in the tree

Like the hives that’s contains thousands of honey bees

Like the fish and crustaceans that occupy the deep and roaring oceans and sea

Like the flowers that covers the land on top the hill and deep in the valleys

Like the little pigs I think there were three

All I want to do is to have a place just for me

A place to call home

*Name and picture changed to protect client privacy.