COVID-19 Update

Youth homelessness doesn’t stop – so we can’t either

Homeless youth need our help right now, more than ever. In this time of extreme uncertainty we are their constants and our commitment to meet their needs is unwavering.   We know that the young people we serve are especially vulnerable given that they lack resources necessary for adequate healthcare and housing. Every day, Promise House leads the way in providing youth in our community access to the most basic needs – shelter, nourishment and access to healthcare. We will continue to provide compassionate care and meet the needs of the youth in our shelters. 

Promise House is continuing to closely monitor the current state of affairs regarding COVID-19 across the nation and the implications in our local community. We are taking all measures necessary to safeguard the health and safety of our staff and youth in care working out detailed policies and procedures for how we will handle a quarantine (both of a single individual and for an entire facility).

In order to help minimize risk to youth we serve, Promise House is immediately taking the following actions:

  1. Any youth who is assessed through the Promise House intake process will be screened for potential exposure and youth who are determined to have been at risk of exposure will be screened by a medical professional before they are cleared for intake into one of our programs.
  2. We have developed an Emergency Response Plan in the event that a youth in care has to be quarantined at Promise House.
  3. Until further notice, Promise House facilities are closed to visitors and all volunteer activities on-campus are suspended. Donors dropping off donated goods will be instructed to leave the items at the 224 W. Page entrance for staff to retrieve.
  4. Because social distancing is one of the most effective ways that we can limit exposure to the virus, and we want to provide the most effective safeguards against our youth in care being exposed to this dangerous virus, all non-essential staff that do not work directly with youth have been moved to a remote work plan.

As you will seek shelter and protection for your family, we will protect and represent our youth.  We are their voice.  We are their home. We are their family. During this time of uncertainty, we anticipate increased needs and a spike in requests for our services. Because of our generous supporters, we will be ready to answer the call.

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