New Look, Same Mission

Promise House has been working with Dallas’ at-risk youth for more than three decades. Our mission is to move youth in crisis toward safety and success. 

We’re available to homeless, at-risk, neglected, and abused young people 24 hours a day, through our emergency shelter, transitional housing program, intervention, pregnant teen services, and more. Last year alone, we served more than 2,000 youths in crisis. And we believe that by helping individual young people improve their future, we are working to prevent chronic homelessness in North Texas.

That continues to be our mission, but in the coming weeks and months, you may see a few cosmetic changes. We have updated our logo to better showcase what we do and what we’re about.

Our name, Promise House, isn’t changing, but our logo has been refreshed, with imagery of a heart and a home, along with some additional wording that further illustrates the work that we do: “Promising Youth, Promising Future.”

It’s important for organizations like ours to fine-tune their branding from time to time, as we continue to evolve with the types of services that we provide.

You’ll see a different logo, but our focus isn’t changing. We’ll still be there for young people who need us, every day of every year.

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