Your Impact Changed A Destiny

For many of us, the holiday season evokes nostalgia. We may look back on our lives and think about the people who loved us when we were young, who guided us through difficult times. You may look back with gratitude if you were lucky enough to have someone like that in your life.  

For our former resident, Sara, she looks back at her time at Promise House with gratitude. Promise House was there for her 18 years ago, when she had no one and her story reminds us of the impact Promise House can have on youth:

At 18 years old, Sara found herself pregnant and alone. After years of experiencing domestic abuse and being kicked out of her mom’s house, she entered an emergency domestic violence shelter. From there, she was referred to Promise House and was placed in the Wesley Inn Program, which provides pregnant and parenting teens with the resources they need to grow into healthy, independent adults fully capable of supporting their families.

“Starting when I was 12, my mom would kick me out of the house on a regular basis. Sometimes for strange reasons, like I left a cup  on the TV. When she found out I was pregnant, she flipped out. She told me to get out. All I had was a bag of clothes and my car, which I slept in for several nights.”

Embarking into parenthood, Promise House gave Sara stability, something she did not receive growing up. Our direct care staff showed her what she needed to do to be self-sufficient and provide a stable life for her and her son.

“The people there showed me what I needed to do, every day, step by step. They were straightforward, calm, and clear in their expectations. “

While at Promise House, she earned a college degree. 18 years later, Sara credits the direct care staff on where she is now. She is a proud homeowner and has worked in health care for 17 years. As her son is planning for college, she said she could not be more thankful for Promise House and the stability she was able to gain.

Sara’s story is just one of many. For more than 35 years, Promise House has been one of the only agencies in Dallas to address youth homelessness and help children, teens, and young adults find the stability they need.

With a gift to Promise House this holiday season, you can provide a home to a  young person who may be a turning point like Sara was 18 years ago.  

Your donation can make such a difference, providing:  

$250 — groceries for one month for a group home 

$500 — utility costs for one month for a group home 

$1,000 — 30 days of safe shelter, counseling, and case management
for a Promise House youth. 

Will you help us provide a home to youth like Sara this holiday season? Please consider making a gift that will transform a young person’s life by
promisehouse.org/holidaygiving to donate online.

Thank you so much for your generosity to ensure that our children and teens have a home this holiday season.

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